TeamLive is most comprehensive team scheduling, communication, and labor cost management platform created exclusively for the hospitality industry. 

TeamLive not only simplifies the labor management process, it boosts its overall effectiveness by offering extensive resource scheduling tools and real-time collaboration features.

How to Use:



TeamLive streamlines the scheduling process, makes it easier to manage employee requests and allows you to communicate with your team more efficiently. 

To launch TeamLive: 

The first time, logon to your Harri account and once you are on your dashboard, click on “My Team”. 

After your set up your account, you can access TeamLive by clicking "Schedule" from your dashboard.

You can “Add New Employee” in two ways: by clicking “ Add New” if you are entering a new employee outside of the Harri network, or through “Import From Harri” if you have uploaded your employee roster.

To enter in an employee's labor - click on said employee and click “positions and wages”. This is where you can add multiple positions, wages and max hours.

How to create a schedule:

  • Click on the respective day in which you want to schedule for ie. “Sunday the 31st”
  • Click “Add positions to start creating your schedule”. You will then be prompted to add positions (Bartenders, Hostess, General Manager) for the day.
  • Once positions are in place click the blue + to add specific team members to the positions (FOH employees appear in a list for FOH positions, BOH in BOH etc.)
  • Create the shift for your employee by double clicking your schedule and selecting the “Start Time” & “End Time” of the respected shift. 
  • Click save.

For easy visibility each position category shows up in different colors, BOH shifts appear in green and FOH shifts appear in orange. Notice that when you move shifts, lengthen, shorten, remove, or change, you can see that your employee’s specific labor cost on the right of the screen changes with our real time cost calculator. Once you are satisfied with the schedule you have created, click “Publish”. Your team will then be notified via email or on the TeamLive mobile app. 

Pro tips: 

  • To duplicate templates by clicking on the “...” at the top of the screen and choosing the “Copy From” feature. 
  • You also have the ability to copy individual shifts in the case that an employee of yours can only work certain hours on certain days. This function can be accessed from the same drop down menu (wrench).
  • You can also duplicate individual shifts by clicking on the wrench icon at the top right of the screen and selecting Copy Shift from the drop down menu.

In order to keep your schedule as clear as possible, you can easily remove employees who are not scheduled to work by clicking the “...” at the top of the screen and choosing the “remove unassigned employees” option.

How to Communicate with your Team: 

Communication is accessed on the bottom left side of screen by clicking on the two messaging bubbles in the blue circle. This is a Facebook style news feed. You can share company objectives, menu updates and more to your entire team. Easily type a message, send photos or attach files like you would on any other social media site.

  • On the left side of the screen by clicking on the "chat bubble" icon. This is where you can access the feed for you and your team to communicate.
  • You can use the "Mail" symbol on the communications tab to manage personal, one-on-one messages between you and your employees.

How to Manage Employee Requests:

Receive, review, and manage requests easily with the Time Off Request tab. All requests are found here along with which team member made the request and reason for the request.

  • Click the Time Off Request tab
  • Review requests
  • Click Approve / Deny

Shift Trades Requests are also found here under a separate tabs. Keep track of who is requesting a shift trade and approve / deny who picks up the shift.

  • Click the Shift Trade Request tab
  • Review requests
  • Click Approve / Deny

How to send one-to-one messages:

You can also send private messages from this tab to any individual on your staff. 

  • Go to the Message tab
  • Select the Employee you’d like to message from the drop down menu
  • Add the text and / or image(s) you’d like to send

Group messaging will be available soon.

How to Adjust Settings:

Settings are easily modified here (settings tab). Choose from options like auto approve shift trades to create a daily overtime threshold, spread of hours rules and more. 

  • Go to Settings on the top bar menu
  • Select General
  • Make any changes needed
  • Select Save

How to view your schedule:

There are a variety of ways to view your schedule once it’s finished:

  • Day view
  • Week view
  • Enterprise view (view multiple locations in a snapshot view)

You can also sort your employees by:

  • Person
  • Position then person
  • Position

Additionally, you can filter your view by:

  • Labels: BOH, FOH, etc. (how to create these labels will be covered later on)
  • Day parts (Breakfast shift, lunch, dinner, etc.)

If needed, your schedule can be printed.

How to Print a Schedule:

  • Select which View you would like printed
  • Select the wrench drop down menu
  • Click Print 
  • Check options (with costs, contact info, etc.)
  • Confirm

TeamLive is not just an ordinary scheduling tool. With multiple functionalities pre- loaded you can easily communicate with your team and manage requests as well.

How to Create Day Parts:

  • Go to Settings on the top bar menu
  • Select General
  • Scroll down to Day Parts. Day parts are the shifts available at your business (breakfast, lunch, etc.)
  • Fill in the name of shift, start and end times
  • Select save
  • To add additional shifts select + sign and repeat the process

How to Create Scheduler Labels:

  • Go to Settings on the top bar menu
  • Select General
  • Scroll down to Scheduler Labels. Scheduler Labels allow you to create groups of your employees such as Line Cook or Server. You can also filter your schedule according to the Labels you create.
  • Choose an icon for the label
  • Name of the label
  • Choose save
  • To add additional Scheduler Labels select + sign and repeat the process

How to Create Permissions:

Permissions allows you to control which admins have access to sensitive information such as wage and pay data.

  • Go to Settings on the top bar menu
  • Select Permissions
  • Scroll down to the admin name and select the drop down menu on the right
  • Select which categories of pay data this person can access or not
  • Repeat if necessary
  • Select save once your finished  

How to set SMS Alerts:

SMS alerts can be set up in order to be notified in the case of early or late clock ins or clock outs.

  • Go to Settings on the top bar menu
  • Select SMS Alerts
  • Choose which alerts you would like as well as set the thresholds for them
  • Select save